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Menagerie Wooden Rolling Pin
20 Different Animals Depicted

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Menagerie Rolling Pin - Animal Prints Antique Reproduction Cookie Mold
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Menagerie Wooden Rolling Pin

This Menagerie Rolling Pin rolls out twenty different animal prints to create a charming selection of cookies!  Extraordinarily well designed and carved press. The prints are crisp, deep and whimsical.  The inclusion of sheep and goats is thought to indicate Swiss or Alsacien origins. There are five rows of images, with 4 images on each row.  (6 1/8 in. Cylinder). 

The images depicted on this lovely wooden rolling pin are: Goat, Sheep, Fox, Rabbit, Bull, Dog, Cat & Bird, Squirrel, Lemur, Raccoon, Buck, Doe, Mountain Goat, Ibex, Frog, Monkey, Elephant, Camel, Horse and Donkey

This animal print rolling pin also is delightful in its own right when displayed; a wonderful accent piece for a rustic kitchen.  Comes with a handy little cookie recipe booklet.

Rolling Pins save time, especially if you would like to make hundreds of beautiful little imprinted cookies! With a little practice, it's fun and easy to make dozens of cookies quickly and efficiently. Roll the dough at table height rather than counter height, so that you can apply downward pressure more evenly. On a floured surface, roll out the dough with a plain rolling pin making sure it is thick enough to accommodate the depth of your rolling pin design. Using a dry, clean pastry brush, dust the springerle rolling pin and top of the dough with flour. Applying even pressure, roll the springerle pin over the dough to emboss the design on the surface. Cut the cookies with pastry wheel, crimpers, or dough scraper and lift cookies onto parchment or Silpat-lined baking sheet.

Menagerie Rolling Pin Actual Size: 14.25 in. Diameter


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