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All about Gnomes and Tomtens


Gnomes, Tomtens and Elves are in abundance here at Blueberry Forest!  In Swedish folklore, Tomtens help to keep watch over their human families, although only children and animals can see them.  The Tomten and The Tomten and the Fox were among our favorite childhood books, and we still love them.  Our children never tire of these stories and the gorgeous illustrations of the Tomten traipsing through the snow in the moonlight.  Similarly, gnomes and elves 

Our Handfelted Gnomes are charming companions; our 3.5 in. and 4 in. felted gnomes are perfectly at home with our Cherry Wood Tree Branch Furniture and our Fairy Forest Lodge furniture.

Kathe Kruse Fairy Dolls

Kathe Kruse Waldorf Dolls

Our wide selection of hand-crafted Kathe Kruse fairy dolls are sure to delight! (The Kathe Kruse Doll Company has been making beautiful dolls by hand in Germany for more than 125 years!) . more>

Kathe Kruse Mini It's Me Elf Doll

Kathe Kruse Root Children Doll Set

Doll-house size Waldorf-style dolls welcome the arrival of Spring and Summer and encourage unlimited imaginative play for children 3 and up.  These delightful dolls are inspired by the classic children's book The Root Children, and are perfect for a seasonal table.  more>

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