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HABA Block and Tackle Pulley

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HABA Wooden Pulley

This child-size pulley provides wonderful opportunities for children to use their imaginations and learn basic mechanical and physics principles while they are having fun playing!  The high-quality HABA Block and Tackle pulley features a set of wooden reels and nylon ropes that can be used for lifting things (toys, supplies, dolls, "guys," a picnic basket. . .)  into trees, up the stairs, up to a balcony, up to the top bunk bed, or just up and down in the play room.

The HABA wooden pulley includes a large hook, tension belt, over 16 feet of rope, and two loose and two fixed reels, making it possible for a child as young as five years old to lift heavy objects, up to 350 pounds! 
Ages 5+.

HABA Pulley Dimensions:

Smaller Reels: L 11.0 in.
Larger Reels : L 14.0 in.
Rope: Over 16 ft.

$70.00  $68.99

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