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HABA Posy Flower Soft Wrist & Ankle Rattle Baby Toy

HABA Flower Wrist rattle

HABA's adorable Posy Flower soft wrist rattle baby toy makes a pleasing rattling sound as baby moves and kicks.  This sweet little flower rattle is made of cotton and velour fabrics, and attaches to an ankle or wrist with a velcro closure so that baby can hear, feel, see and grab at the toy.  The posy flower makes a gentle rattling sound when shaken, and the leaves make a pleasing crinkling/rustling sound.  A pretty and unique baby toy that will keep baby entertained and engaged.  Made in China under the close supervision of HABA Germany. (Note: The vast majority of our HABA wooden toys are made in Germany.) 

Ages 6 months and up.

HABA Baby Toy Posy Flower Wrist Rattle Dimensions:  approx. 5 in.

$13.49 $9.08

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