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HABA Sevilla Building Blocks
Made in Germany

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HABA Sevilla Building Blocks - Set of 25 Beech Wood Blocks

HABA's wooden Sevilla Building Blocks are bright and colorful, cheerful, whimsical building blocks with lots of surprises:  a little jingling bell, prisms, magnfier, and lots of topsy-turvy bright designs.  A wonderful, unique building blocks set that will keep young children busily employed using their imaginations!  The HABA Sevilla Wooden Blocks Set includes 25 smooth, finely sanded beech wood pieces, finished with non-toxic, child-friendly paint.  A wonderful stacking toy for fun and dexterity!  Perfect gift idea - (we also love the beautiful gift box/packaging with lovely signature HABA story-book style hand-drawn illustrations.)

HABA Sevilla Blocks: (average size) 3 in. x 1.5 in. x 3 in.

Ages 12 months and up.

Made in Germany.


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