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Wooden U.S. President Blocks
American-made classic wooden blocks with the images of U.S. presidents

Wooden U.S. Presidents Blocks
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wooden U.S. Presidents Blocks
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wooden United States Presidents blocks flag storage box
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They DO still make them like they used to, right here in the USA!

This award-winning, classic set of finely-crafted wooden U.S. president blocks feature all of the 45 U.S. presidents to date, including their portrait, name and the dates they held the office of U.S. President, as well as the Presidential Oath, and the U.S. Flag on one side of each block (arrange them into the U.S. flag as a puzzle). These finely crafted wooden blocks are colorfully painted with child-safe (and pet-safe) non-toxic inks.

U.S. President wooden blocks set features:
* Portrait of each U.S. President to date
* Dates of birth
* Years of Presidency
* Oath of Presidential Office
* U.S. Flag (arrange blocks to create the U.S. flag as a puzzle on reverse side of blocks)
* Storage Box
* Each block has smooth, beveled edges - no sharp corners. (The embossing process gives depth and detail to each block - when you run your fingers over the embossed letters, they have a hand-carved look and feel).
* December 2016 Update: Manufacturer has confirmed that the set now includes all 45 U.S. Presidents including President Elect.

These beautiful, award-winning wooden blocks are made from sustainable Michigan basswood, (Basswood is ideal for making blocks because itís light-weight, light-colored and odor-free.)  The blocks are stained with child-safe inks (and there is very little ink used on each block), and meet all U.S. and European safety standards.

These wooden U.S. President blocks help  to promote the development of fine motor skills, spatial recognition, historical education, recognition of all of the United States Presidents, and the Presidential oath.

Recommended for Ages 2 and up.

Wooden U.S. Presidents Blocks dimensions:
1.75 in. cubed (each block)

Assembled set in storage box:
10 in. x 17 in. x 2.25 in.

Made in the USA.

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