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Red Hardcover Art Book features fun KAPLA design ideas!

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This KAPLA Red Book is a hardcover Art & Idea book featuring full cover photographs of designs and creations ideas for building with KAPLA wooden building planks.  KAPLA blocks are the ORIGINAL amazing building blocks that have been featured in children's museums across the nation.  KAPLA building blocks are wonderful, natural building blocks made of Marine Pine wood from France.  Each block is the same size (1 in. x 4.5 in. x .25 in.) - children and adults enjoy creating creatures, towers, castles, landscapes, or whatever else comes to the imagination - all without any screws, glue, or snaps.

The KAPLA Red Book features KAPLA building ideas with photos (and hand-drawn illustrations for each to show building detail instructions) including interesting building designs, a whimsical dog (as shown on the cover), a beautiful bridge, a SNAIL (how cool!!!), furniture models, a Mountain Man figure, a camel, a sea made of Kapla blocks .... and more.  The book includes a forward (in 7 different languages, including English) by Tom van der Bruggen, Creator of Kapla blocks, introducing the book designs created by Johanna C. van der Bruggen, artist-painter.

All of the designs in the book can be made with a single set of 200 KAPLA blocks.


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More KAPLA Blocks building ideas:
Build a roller coaster (and use a ping pong ball to roll down the coaster -- ping pong ball not included); build chutes, tunnels, towers, funnels and all sorts of contraptions.

Build beautiful architectural feats - all with just the Kapla blocks - no screws, blue or snaps!

Build animals, creatures, a Loch Ness monster . . .

The creative possibilities truly are endless.  Parents will enjoy building along with the children.

All Kapla products are SAFE and Green - Kid friendly and Earth Friendly.

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