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KEVA Plank Building Blocks

Superbly Precision-Crafted in the USA
from high-quality completely natural, unfinished, untreated 

KEVA Maple 400 Planks Set
KEVA Maple 400 Planks Set

KEVA Maple 50 Planks SetKEVA Maple Set of 50 Planks

KEVA Maple Planks Set of 200
KEVA Maple Planks Set of 200

KEVA Contraptions 50 Plank Set
KEVA Contraptions Set of 50

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Along with the Original Kapla Blocks, these KAPLA Planks are among our all-time favorite BEST TOYS

These wonderful building blocks have been featured in children's museums across the nation.  KEVA Maple Planks building blocks are smooth, precision-cut, uniform size building blocks made of natural, untreated, unfinished hard wood MAPLE from Midwest USA.  (KEVA Structures planks and KEVA Contraptions planks are made of pine and are priced lower than the maple planks.) Each KEVA block is the same size (.75 in. wide x 4.5 in. long x .25 in. thick) - children and adults enjoy creating creatures, towers, castles, landscapes, or whatever else comes to the imagination - all without any screws, glue, or snaps.  (Unlike Legos or Lincoln Logs, there is no need to search around for specific pieces or parts.  KEVA Planks eliminate this sort of frustration and instead offer imaginative building all using the identical size blocks.)  This unique open-ended building toy introduces kids and parents to KEVA stacking, building, designing, engineering and cool construction.  All KEVA Planks include an illustrated booklet with building ideas, games and activities for inspiration and endless fun.  But truly no instructions are needed - just sit down with the children and start building away.  Great fun for children and adults. At museums featuring the blocks we have seen just as many adults as children settling down cross-legged on the floor for a fun afternoon of building projects. A wonderful toy for budding architects and architects at heart!

This KEVA building blocks set has wonderful play value and is sure to become a favorite heirloom toy!

- Made in the USA!  Support USA business and American jobs with your purchase of  these EXCELLENT, high quality blocks.

- KEVA Maple Planks are made of 100% natural MAPLE hard wood from the Midwest USA; unfinished, untreated, natural wood

- Includes Full Color KEVA Guide Book featuring lots of building projects, activities, and games

- All KEVA Planks are the same size; start with a beginner set and expand/add on.  One block size; endless possibilities.  Build anything, with amazing results!

- Every piece is identical; extraordinarily precision-cut, perfectly uniform with straight, clean cut edges and perfectly smooth surfaces.

- Children can play alone or in groups; also great for parents and children to play and build together

- Beauty in Simplicity:  No glues, No screws, No snaps (no little parts to lose)

- Children use their imaginations:  No plastic; No batteries; No TV screen

- Develop important skills while stacking, building, designing and engineering

Made of 100% natural MAPLE hard wood from the Midwest USA; unfinished, untreated, natural wood

Made by KEVA Planks in the USA.

Ages 3 years to adult.

See the ORIGINAL KAPLA Building Blocks
Made of French Marine Pine by KAPLA
KAPLA Blocks are back!

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