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Deluxe Build-A-Tree House

Deluxe Build-a-Tree House

This enchanting wooden tree branch tree house is easy to assemble and is wonderful for endless imaginative play!  Our tree houses are well suited to playmates sharing and playing harmoniously, and are equally fascinating for girls and boys.  The deluxe tree house comes with lots of wonderful extras including a crane and load, retractable stairs, rope ladder, water well, bucket on a pulley, and blocks and pegs to make a lovely spiral stairs.  Three larger, level platforms of varying sizes and a 20 in. diameter hardwood base offer plenty of "rooms" for little dolls and furnishings. 

Each tree house is completely unique, as they are made from salvage branches of hazelnut and alder wood trees. Each is naturally unique and approx. 28 in. tall. Ages 3 and up (small parts).

Assembly Tip We recommend using a child-safe adhesive/wood glue to permanently assemble the tree house level by level.  While it is nice to have the option to assemble and re-assemble, in our experience the tree house toy gets far more play time when it is permanently assembled together at the outset.  Otherwise it might end up in pieces here and there around the house.  (For example, if you do not permanently assemble the tree house, if your child goes to lift and move the tree house then the entire second level lifts up and needs to be re-affixed.)  Its not hard to re-assemble at all; it's just that once a toy is in pieces, the pieces can get lost and not re-assembled...  When the tree house is permanently assembled it can be easily moved and played with for hours, months, and years on end without worrying about lost pieces.  Just our humble opinion based on personal experience! 

WARNING! Choking Hazard--Small parts
Not for children under 3 yrs.
These sets include small parts; also the tree bark can become unattached creating a potential choking hazard.


Build-a-Tree House Tree Fort
at Magic Cabin

Build-a-Tree House Tree Fort

We wish we could desribe the effect this set had on our own children when they discovered it on Christmas morning (in the days just before we had video on our phones and could have more quickly captured that lovely moment.) The astonished, hushed joy as all of the children gathered around to see the wondrous whimsical details, pulleys, swings, buckets, stairs, landings where little fairy dolls, gnomes and woodland animals play together. We keep ours on a low sturdy end table, where our children play together as a group with plenty of room on all sides to play in the different levels, "rooms," and crow's nest lookout points of this amazing tree fort. Click below to find this beautiful Build-a-Tree House and wonderful accessories and beautiful fairy dolls and woodland friends that come with the Super Saver Tree Fort available at Magic Cabin!

The Super Saver Tree Fort includes:
* Build-a-Tree-Fort Kit (34 pieces - assembly required)
* Tree Block Furniture Collection, 15 pieces (kitchen, living room, bedroom tree branch furniture)
* Woodland Friends dolls, set of 5 (see dolls image below and in picture above)
* Wooden Woodland Animals, Set of 5
* 12-piece miniature basket assortment
(Greenery not included.)


Tree Fort Build-a-Tree House Super Saver Set
at Magic Cabin

Tree Branch Furniture at Magic Cabin

Click photo or links to Buy Living Room, Bedroom, and Kitchen furniture sets to go with the Magic Cabin Build-a-Tree House Tree Fort, and wonderful little Magic Cabin Fairy Dolls that are perfectly sized for the furniture and the Tree Fort. Click photo to see Tree Branch Furniture at Magic Cabin.


Click to Buy Tree Branch Furniture
at Magic Cabin

(This furniture set is included with the 15-piece furniture set that comes with the Super Saver Tree Fort Set).

Woodland Friends Doll Family at Magic Cabin


Click to Buy Woodland Friends Doll Family, set of five
at Magic Cabin

(Note: This doll set is included with the 15-piece furniture set that comes with the Super Saver Tree Fort Set at Magic Cabin).

Holiday Mini Fairies, set of 4 at Magic Cabin
Save on the set!

Buy Holiday Mini Fairies
at Magic Cabin


 Blooming Mini Fairy Collection at Magic Cabin

 Buy Blooming Mini Fairy Dolls
at Magic Cabin

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