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Tricycles, Wagons & Ride-On Toys

Plan Toys Palomino Rocking Horse

Perfectly sized for Toddlers

Kettler Classic Flyer Air Tire Wooden Wagon
Classic Childhood Toy


Kettler Tricycles & Scooters
Made in Germany

Kettler Tricycles

Kettler Tandem Insert

Turn your compatible Kettler Kettrike Tricycle into a 2-Seater Tricycle for DOUBLE THE FUN!  It is great fun for two children to ride their Kettler Tricycle at the same time.  

Also a  parent has the option to use the Kettler tricycle push bar to push the two children at the same time - while they think they are doing the "driving" - very handy!

Kettler Scooters
Highest Quality; Tubular Metal Frame; Adjustable Height
Made in Germany
Kettler Thunder Scooter

3-Wheels (Ages 18 months to 5 years)

Kettler Princess Scooter - Wowie!

Kettler Kettcars  
(the coolest pedal cars / pedal go-carts ever!)
Made in Germany

Kettler Kid CAT Front-Loader Tractor
Kid-Powered! Great for healthy, outdoor activity and fun! 
Made in Germany


Kettler CAT Excavator Digger
Made in Germany

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction - Made in Germany
Great fun for sandbox play or digging in the dirt or snow!

HABA Walker Wagon
Made in Germany
Beautifully crafted, sturdy walker wagon is great fun for children ages 1-4 years!


Kettler Sprint Balance Training Bike 
Made in Germany

Children learn to ride a bike and learn balance while scooting along on the marvelous Kettler Sprint pedal-less balance training bike!  more>


Wooden Like-A-Bike

Riding a Like-a-Bike is incredible fun for kids! It is also highly beneficial for the development of their motor skills and sense of balance. Mastering how to ride a Like-a-Bike will give the young child a huge boost in confidence.



Rickshaw Sulky

Kids exercise their bodies and transport their imaginations while pulling one another along on this wonderful, sturdy rickshaw. more>


Rocking Boat / Step and more!
Made in the USA

This versatile toy is built for several children to play at once.  Children enjoy rocking on the sea, or walking up and down the stairs.  A playroom staple and all-time favorite toy!  more>

Radio Flyer Red Wagon - Model 89
This Radio Flyer little red 34 in. long wagon is an American classic and always a childhood favorite!  Kids enjoy riding and pulling it around for lots of outdoor adventures. more>

Radio Flyer Trave-ler Wagon

Wonderful sturdy wagon with wooden slat sides is great fun for children ages
1 1/2 years and up!



Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award Winner

PlasmaCar - Plasma Car - Purple PlasmaCar

These multiple-award-winning cool cars provide lots of fun for kids (and grownups!)  No batteries required; just kid-power.  The Blueberry Forest testers have used and enjoyed this car more than just about any other toy!  This is not a toy that will gather dust or lose the original thrill.  more>

Kettler Deluxe SeeSaw
Made in Germany

Our high-quality Kettler seesaw goes up and down, and also swivels in a circle for added fun!




Our testers love the revolutionary new PlasmaCar!  Provides lots of indoor and outdoor fun!  Radio Flyer Push Wagon is coming soon!  Please Email us for availability.

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