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Wooden Fire Truck
- Made of Maple Wood
(includes firemen figures)
Wooden Fire Truck Red - Made in the USA

$49.98 $39.99


Debresk Wooden Trucks, Cars & Wood Tractor with Cart
Made in Sweden

Debresk Small Wooden Dump Truck debresk small wooden dump truck
Wonderful, smooth hand-crafted wooden truck really dumps for imaginative play. Handcrafted in Sweden. more>

Debresk Cabriolet Convertible
Wooden Car Toy - 5 in.

Debresk Wooden Cabriolet Convertible Wooden Car Toy

Classic, hand-crafted wooden car in a cabriolet / convertible style is fun for zooming around! (Children also like to place little figures or treasures on top.) Handcrafted in Sweden. 

Fagus Wooden Toy Cars, Trucks, Tractors
Made in Germany

Wooden Dump Truck fagus wooden dump truck made in Germany
Wonderful, smooth hand-crafted wooden truck really dumps for imaginative play. Handcrafted in Germany. more>

Wooden Articulated Lorry
(LARGE - 23.6 Inch)
fagus wooden articulated lorry truck

Classic, hand-crafted wooden articulated lorry truck includes 2 wooden figures, pallets with lumber, and cargo boxes. Just turn the knob at the top of the cab to turn the wheels and your zooming along on your way! Stop to pick up some treasures and off you go again. Handcrafted in Germany. 

More Debresk Wooden Trucks
Made in Sweden
Debresk Wooden Dump Truck -
Big Tipping Lorry

Dump Truck Toy - Really Tips/Dumps

debresk wooden truck big tipping lorry
Beautifully crafted wooden dump truck really trips for loads of fun and is sure to be a treasured heirloom toy! Handmade in Sweden.

Debresk Big Delivery Van Toy
Delivery Van Back Door Opens and Closes

Wonderful, hand-crafted wooden delivery truck is fun for transporting toys and treasures around. Handcrafted in Sweden. 

Debresk Wooden Bus (Omnibus) Toy

Hand-crafted Debresk wooden bus omnibus toy is fun for transporting toys and treasures. A classic wooden vehicle toy made in the Waldorf tradition. Handcrafted in Sweden. 

Debresk Wooden Tractor with Cartdebresk wooden tractor toy
Beautiful wooden tractor tows along a cart for fun imaginative play. Handcrafted in Sweden.

Debresk Small Wooden Delivery Truckdebresk small wooden delivery truck
Smooth, hand-crafted wooden delivery truck opens up to pick up treasures and drop them off for delivery.  Handcrafted in Sweden.

Debresk Big Wooden Tow Truckdebresk big wooden truck with crane
Wonderful, hand-crafted wooden truck with crane provides hours of imaginative play. Handcrafted in Sweden.

Debresk Small Wooden Tow Truck with Mini Car
debresk tow truck with mini car
Fun little wooden truck tows along a wooden mini car for lofts of fun! Handcrafted in Sweden.

Wooden Toy Cars & Trucks

Wooden Pull-Back Action Racer Cars

These cool wooden pull-back action racer cars
are the most played with wooden car toys because kids can actually race them! Pull them back and the cars zoom along.

HABA Terry Train Toy (Ages 1 and up)
Made in Germany


Kinderkram Wooden Trucks and Cars

Kinderkram Red Wooden Fire Truck with 6 Firemen Figures

kinderkram wooden fire truck

This solidly crafted toy is an instant favorite and is wonderful for hours of imaginative play.  Children love to remove the firemen figures and have them climb up the swiveling ladder, then put them back in their places to race off again.  more>

Kinderkram Passenger Bus with 4 Passenger Figures

A classic toy for hours of imaginative play!

Kinderkram Natural Wooden Firetruck


Grimm's Wooden Sailboat


Kinderkram Helicopter

Kinderkram Wooden Helicopter

This wooden helicopter comes with a spinning propeller and rotor. The pilot is removable. Made of hard wood. Measures 6.25" x 4". Recommended for 3 years and up. Made in Poland.

Kinderkram Bendy Guys

kinderkram bendy dolls

Our cheerful Kinderkram bendy dolls are deceptively simply, and always a hit with children, particularly for playing with wooden trucks and cars.  Our wooden bendy dolls have flexible rope arms and legs that can be bent into different positions, allowing their bendy dolls to load the dump truck or take a ride in the car!  Made in Germany.

Wooden Trucks, Cranes, Bulldozers & Forklifts

Debresk Wooden Trucks & Wooden Tractors


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